Saturday, January 24, 2015

Concrete repair

What today's horrified bonding agents and specialty mortars repairing concrete is easier than ever. Are Masons are experts at resurfacing and patching damaged installed concrete call today to get a free estimate

Sunday, January 11, 2015

brick repair LLC Flint Michigan

brick repair LLC can help you with any of your brick concrete or chimney repair projects in Flint Michigan. our network of masonry restoration professionals as happy to serve you. call today for an estimate from one of our local professionals

concrete step repair flint Michigan

if your concrete steps are deterioratedand falling apart, there are multiple ways to replace or repair them. we are happy to replace your precast concrete steps or treat for new ones for you but don't forget that patching your concrete and resurfacing it is also another viable option. from custom repair and restoration work to a bandaid on a bullet hole or team of masonry specialist is happy to help you

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Chimney cleaning and inspection

Having an annual chimney cleaning inspection is a critical part of maintaining your chimneys functionality. chimney cleanings, are a great way to prevent chimney fires. Regular inspection and cleaning of your chimney can make all the difference in the world. Chimney cleaning involves removing the creosote buildup on the inside of the chimney smoke chamber and flue liners. These deposits are highly flammable well the chimneys firebox is designed to handle these high temperatures the flue liners that vent the gas is in smoke are not

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Porch Repair flint mi

If your porch is beginning to become deteriorated or need of some restoration repair or a complete rebuild one of our professional masonry contractors would be happy to come out and help you with your brake repair project.

Chimney cap Repair

Sometimes the chimney cap can become deteriorated and began to fall apart. When this happens it may be necessary to replace the chimney cap. sometimes the chimney cap can be patched with a flexible membrane such as chimney crown coat. this is a very cost-effective method to seal the top of a chimney. This flexible and waterproof membrane prevent moisture from entering and increasing the damage to your cracked chimney crown. Call today to get a quote on painting your chimney crown.

Concrete repair and concrete resurfacing flint Michigan

There's nothing worse than a nasty looking repair. When cracked  nasty damaged concrete breaks, and chips the prospect of patching it only to have it look like a patchwork quilt, versus the expense of replacing it all historically hasn't left many options. with today's polymer and acrylic fortified motors, resurfacers and bonding agents, the days of techie looking concrete repair are over. applying a patch to a broken or cracked concrete slab, or section of concrete sidewalk, in the past has typically stuck out like a sore thumb. Now with the advent of concrete resurfacer so we can patch the damage to spalling areas that apply resurfacer to refresh and renew the entire concrete surface.