Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Porch Repair flint mi

If your porch is beginning to become deteriorated or need of some restoration repair or a complete rebuild one of our professional masonry contractors would be happy to come out and help you with your brake repair project.

Chimney cap Repair

Sometimes the chimney cap can become deteriorated and began to fall apart. When this happens it may be necessary to replace the chimney cap. sometimes the chimney cap can be patched with a flexible membrane such as chimney crown coat. this is a very cost-effective method to seal the top of a chimney. This flexible and waterproof membrane prevent moisture from entering and increasing the damage to your cracked chimney crown. Call today to get a quote on painting your chimney crown.

Concrete repair and concrete resurfacing flint Michigan

There's nothing worse than a nasty looking repair. When cracked  nasty damaged concrete breaks, and chips the prospect of patching it only to have it look like a patchwork quilt, versus the expense of replacing it all historically hasn't left many options. with today's polymer and acrylic fortified motors, resurfacers and bonding agents, the days of techie looking concrete repair are over. applying a patch to a broken or cracked concrete slab, or section of concrete sidewalk, in the past has typically stuck out like a sore thumb. Now with the advent of concrete resurfacer so we can patch the damage to spalling areas that apply resurfacer to refresh and renew the entire concrete surface.

Threshold replacement, concrete repair

Oftentimes our front threshold at our door takes some of the worst abuse in winter. Salt and ice can help to tear a great the concrete or limestone threshold and porch cap. If you're looking to have your threshold replaced or the concrete patched on your front door threshold call today for a free estimate

Tuck pointing and mortar replacement

Over time motor joints can become deteriorated and began to erode this can weaken  the seal between the bricks and loosen the structure as a whole. Tuck pointing is the replacement of the deteriorated mortar with fresh new mortar. when the mortar joints are cracked and damaged they are ground out with a diamond blade then the area is cleaned. Once the surface cleaned it is moistened, to allow the new mortar to bond well. New motor is applied and too old to match the existing brick work. variations in jointing and tooling methods, can also increase the resistance to the elements. color can be added to help blend in the tuck pointing.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Brick and Chimney Repair in Flint

Flint Chimney Repair, Masonry Contractor, Chimney Cleaning, Fireplace Repair & Construction 313-355-3719

Michigan Brick Repair  (313) 355-3719  is the #1 chimney sweeping,  brick repairing and masonry construction contracting in Flint Michigan.  Michigan Brick Repair's masonry repairing and chimney restoration contractors have been serving Flint for over 12 years. Many Flint Homes are in need of chimney repair and masonry maintenance. Flint is full of beautiful brick homes that are 30 to 50 years old and that is typically the age in which a brick are in need of a little TLC.

Masonry construction is one of the oldest forms of building in the world. As long as people have been building homes they have been  built in stones & bricks. Masonry is a trade of skilled craftsmen. Chimney cleaning, chimney repairing and custom masonry construction is not a work for the local handyman. Skilled Masonry Contractors have spent years developing the proper skill level in their trade. When Masonry fireplace or stone and brick chimneys are built well, it can go decades with no need of masonry repair at all. (Low maintenance does not mean no maintenance) schedule a chimney inspection today.

At Michigan Brick Repair all of our  chimney cleaning or stone and brick chimney repairs are done  by Masonry Craftsman. Chimney sweeps are to ensure that they will stand for the test of time, and that your chimney flue is clean and free from obstruction.  When you live and work in Flint, Michigan the thought of looking at a sub par chimney repair every time you drive down Saginaw is revolting. That is why all our masonry contractors and chimney sweepers take the proper time and use the best materials available in Michigan when we work on our customers homes.

When our bricklayers build you a brick mailbox, stone fireplace or repair an existing chimney in Flint, Michigan we treat that stone or brick construction project like it was being done at our own house. We are dedicated to the  trade. We leave every one of our Flint customers satisfied and willing to recommend us to a friend or a neighbor. We believe we are building  more than just chimneys; we build relationships with our customers..

Michigan Brick Repair’s brick and masonry services include:Chimney Repair, Tuckpointing, Brick Fireplace Construction, Chimney damper Installation, Masonry Wall Construction, Stone and Brick BBQ Construction, Chimney Cap Installation, Concrete, Chimney Cleaning Concrete sidewalks, Chimney Crown Replacement, Natural Stone Installation, Limestone Installation.